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Grouping of ninjas

Just a few old character i made they will be explain in the orders of there pictures

Daigo Nakamura An OC Character

Daigo Nakamura is or was the son the great leader of the Noe. Daigo was always an odd boy he always thought he leaved in the shadow of his father which wasn’t true as any one can see, but its what he thought and as the years went by he decided he wont leave under that shadow any more. He killed his father, then propped he body in his seat and ordered the Noe member around as if his father was the one giving the orders. He contacted one of his father former partner and asked him for a favor to make him stronger, the former partner was Gin Koyotoru. Gin Agreed to this only because he seen Daigo as a second son and he needed the research on the new curse marks he created.

Then Daigo became more powerful and almost flawless. He train constantly with Gin and the other member of the Noe that new of his little secret of his father. In time member began to question the orders of the Noe leader, then began to wonder if he gone mad. It was the leader who gone mad though it was Daigo and his power…

Gin Koyotoru is an OC character I created

Gin Koyotoru, one of the four great Sanin and talented medical ninja. Not many know of his past just the he was raised by an old medical ninja named Genkai Koyotoru. Genkai found this pore boy in the forest and pitted him so she decided to take him in. Soon she thought this boy can be a great successor to her vast medical techniques and knowledge and use the great knowledge for good, so she started to train him. After she taught him all she know she sent him off to discover other unknowns in the world as she did and add to the great knowledge to his expanding mind.

Many years past by and he soon became a Sanin and as such learn even more skills to add to his growing knowledge. As time passed on he started to do seemingly dark thing in the pursuit of great knowledge and power, he started to experiment on subjects. He was removed and exiled from his village, in his travels he found an odd cave filled with scroll he soon seen the cave and the scroll was lost knowledge of Orochimaru.
He started to learn of the curse marks, how there was an untapped power in each of them and how he can create more. After that he knew what he must do but the for another story…

Suuichi Masaaki Is An OC Character

Suuichi Masaaki is a spawn of Gin I wont go in to details but you can call him Gins son. Suuichi was planted in the Konoha to see how his powers would flourish, what Suuichi doesn’t know is that he has a second person in him we can call him Touya. Touya is the more dominant or tougher side of Suuichi, he is hidden behind Suuichi right eye when he opens it Touya comes out. Bother personalities have there own hidden curse mark one his heaven the other earth. Suuichi live a normal life for the most part his foster parents brought him up well, he knew he was adopted but he didn’t mind and he was an academy student, then one day his parent where killed and he was devastated. This devastation released Touya and Touya started to cause some havoc, then left Konoha. After that confusion Suuichi awoke and was disoriented in which time Gin found him and reclaimed him as his son…

Raizen Takahashi Is An OC Character I Created

Takahashi Clan, is a clan of earth and fire manipulators who can form magma, to use this technique is to risk your life so only the most experienced ninjas can use it. There two most famous techniques ate the erupting dragon and the lake of fire.

Raizen Takahashi is a well known ninja but not for his ninjutsu even though his ninjutsu is formidable, he is known for his great kindness and good heart. He has master all of his clan techniques and created a few of his own, that you will know later on. He sees him self as a normal ninja even though he is not . With in him is one of the five great spirit or one of the five demons of the Great End, no one really knows. But with his large kind heart he would use that power for the greater good that’s if the spirit or demon inside him permits it…
Karasu Tanaka Is An OC Character I Made

The Tanaka clan is a clan of cloth weavers and chakra manipulators, they make a special material that can mimic chakra patterns and follow its trail. When a member of there clan learns to control there chakra and master it they must go through cloth training, both as a fighting style and in its creation, after that process they must go through acrobatic training.

Karasu Tanaka is a trained acrobat and tactician, he has mastered all the necessary techniques of his clan and is well taught in his ninjutsu training . He is hired many times to detain and retrieve ninjas. Karasu is a seemingly strange fellow and has an odd sense of humor, he also chooses to paint his face as a clown. But with all this odd behavior he is still a nice guy who just likes to have fun in his work.

Name: Kokaku Kidotai
age: 16
village: sand
clan: Kidotai (main branch)
Weapon: puppets
Element Type: Wind
Skill: puppet mastery, medical training, and Chakra Control

Puppet Master Kokaku Kidotai History of the Phantom

Kokaku grew up in the village hidden in the sand, he was born in the Kidotai clan. There are two branches in the Kidotai clan, the main branch must master a weapon and poison technique (Kokaku chose puppet mastery) the secondary branch must be the weapon forger but Kokaku decided to make his own weapons against his families wishes. Kokaku was a lonely child he grew alone trying to perfect his puppet but no puppet was ever good enough for him, he needed inspiration. This pattern of puppet making consisted until he met Haruka an orphaned clan member from the secondary branch. He found Haruka very odd for the fact the Haruka collected unusual purple stones and from distance he would always stare back at Kokaku and smiled. This intrigued him and he wanted to know why but he was too afraid to ask Haruka why. After a few run in with one another Kokaku finally ask why he collects those stones and why he would stared at him. Haruka answered “to make the perfect weapon and because I want to be your friend“. Kokaku wondered what kind of weapon can you make with purple stones, Kokaku pondered on this and decided to ask Haruka why once more. He answered with the metal mineral inside any one can make a fine weapon with a sting of poison. Kokaku smiled at Haruka and after that they became fast friends, never separating from one another. But then Haruka fell ill and was dieing, Kokaku wasn’t sure what to do and was afraid to talk to Haruka and decided to make a gift for the friend he cared for. Kokaku worked hard on his gift to his friend but before it was done he went to visit Haruka, but poor Haruka was already on his last breath. Kokaku was devastated and didn’t want to see him until his gift to him was done, Haruka asked Kokaku to come closer to the bed. He told Kokaku two things “do you know Kokaku do you know I wanted to be like you, born into the main branch made and allowed to use the weapons we make” Kokaku tears up a bit “kokaku theres a gift I made for you, go to my home and look under my bed” Kokaku replied “I made you a gift too, but its not done yet please hold on“. I‘ll try” Haruka replied, he smiled at Kokaku and said “remember when I use to stare at you” kokaku said “yes” Haruka continued “I so wanted to be your friend because I felt that you would be my team mates and in my dream…suddenly Haruka close his eyes and seemingly went to sleep. Kokaku started to shake Haruka to wake him “Haruka… what dream Haruka? Haruka, tell me please… Haruka…! There Kokaku knew the Haruka has past away, an odd looking nurse entered the room “I’m sorry you need to leave I need to record the time of death“ and sent Kokaku on his way. Kokaku eyes flooded with tears. He went to his home and open the gift from Haruka it was a weapon made from the rock and in that gift a thought came to Kokaku to honor Haruka he will use both his gift and the gift to Haruka. To make his true first puppet “ Phantom ” in memory of Haruka. Till this day he regrets the pain he feels not going to Haruka’s cremation ceremony.

Puppet Master Kokaku Kidotai

Kokaku is a puppet master and medical ninja he uses both techniques to do mass healing for his team. In Kokaku’s current level he can control up to 10 puppets at a time and 20 puppets with a device of his own creation called the Iron Ogre but I’ll explain more of that later on. Kokaku was raised to be a puppet master from birth so he may help bring puppet mastery back to life, since puppet master are such a rare breed now a days. As he was trained he mastered all forms of puppet mastery known, which was expected of him. After he mastered puppetry at its fines he started to create his own puppet based jutsu which in turn made the Iron Ogre a puppet the can control other puppets. this large puppet is said to doubles a puppets masters abilities but with great risk. It can totally depletes a puppet masters chakra. So whom every where to use the Iron Ogre must have an abundance of chakra.

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